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The 2016 Darien House Tour:  Homes with Heart   featured eight fabulous Darien homes on Thursday, 

June 2, 2016.  A June 3rd Celebratory Party followed with food + drink + music + silent auction = fun. 


Art with Heart featured local artists with work for purchase during the tour and at a June 4th event.  


The tour supported local charitable organizations, in particular our lead beneficiary, The Thriving Youth Initiative of The Community Fund of Darien.  


The Darien House Tour:   Homes with Heart is presented by The First Congregational Church of Darien.  Each year, the church grants over $100,000 to non-profit organizations serving our youth, the elderly and the disadvantaged.




First Congregational Church
Thriving Youth Initiative
Art with Heart

Click here for PDF of the presentation! 

A Home with Heart!


On Tuesday, May 18th, Dr. Chris Bogart, executive director of The Southfield Center, spoke at the Darien Library about the importance of the home environment in fostering mentally healthy and thriving youth.  The talk covered compelling research about factors that promote resilience and grit, as well as parenting styles that create confidence and a healthy independence in children.  


Presented in conjuntion with The Community Fund of Darien's Thriving Youth Initiative

Thank you to our Sponsors!

Contact The Darien House Tour Homes with Heart:, Heather Raker, chair:  203-228-4881

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