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Thank you!

We are extremely grateful to the homeowners who open their beautiful homes to benefit our worthwhile nonprofit partners.  

More about the process

Ahead of the tour

  • We will interview you as well as other key contributors (architect, interior designer, landscaper) in order to write up an interesting article on your home for the program.

  • We will identify which parts of the home are open to tour and which are closed.  

  • With your permission, we will contact key contributors for sponsorship.  The tour presents a great marketing opportunity for them and this is a key source of funds for our beneficiaries.

  • A few days ahead of the tour, your neighbors will receive a letter alerting them to the tour and increased traffic in the neighborhood.

  • A house "captain" will be assigned to your home who will make sure that everything goes smoothly on the day of the tour.

  • Please make sure that landscapers have been alerted not to come on the day of the tour.  

  • Usually homeowners have taken their pets with them on the day of the tour for a fun day of play!

  • With your permission, Callari Cars, one of our key sponsors, will park a car in your driveway (with signage advertising their business).  They usually drop off the car on the afternoon before the tour and pick it up on the afternoon of the tour. 


The day of the tour


  • The house captain will meet you at your home at 8:30 am.  Please be sure to exchange cell phone numbers in case any issues arise.  

  • She will block off any parts of the house with ribbon or closed doors.  She will light the house appropriately.  

  • She will bring flowers courtesy of Adam of Flowers & Flowers.  In advance, we should identify the best place for flowers and any specific request you have for colors etc.  

  • Other volunteers arrive at 8:45 am.  They come in two shifts (8:45 to 12, 11:45 to 3).  

  • Your home will be open to tour from 9 to 3.  Tour-goers are given specific routes to follow so that homes do not become crowded.  

  • A policeman will be on site to direct traffic and ensure security.

  • All tour-goers will wear booties in the home, provided by the house captain.

  • A volunteer will be stationed in all parts of the home to ensure security.  Every open part of the house will be visible to a volunteer.  

  • You and a friend may attend the tour free of charge.  The house captain will give you your "ticket" on the day of the tour.  

  • At 3:00, you may meet the house captain back at the house or tell her how to lock up!

Any concerns?  Again, THANK YOU! 

Call Heather Raker at (203) 228-4881

The Darien House Tour:  Homes with Heart is made possible by 

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