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The Thriving Youth Initiative seeks to promote healthy development among Darien's youth in response to recent alarming trends evident in The Community Fund of Darien's survey of teens over the past seven years.  Results show that substance abuse is on the rise among teens and that resilience/resistance skills seem to be declining. Tragically, over the past summer, Darien experienced an unprecedented number of untimely deaths of young adults and adults - five deaths in six weeks.  


The Thriving Youth Initiative will dedicate $100,000 each year over the next five years to implement a strategic prevention plan to reduce substance abuse and improve mental health among Darien's 12- to 17-year olds and their parents. With the additional donation made possible by The Darien House Tour, The Community Fund of Darien will expand prevention efforts into the preschool and elementary school populations. The First Congregational Church of Darien is happy to support this effort to build in our children the skills needed, including resilience, self-esteem and coping, for a lifetime of healthy decisions.  

Jayme Stevenson, First Selectman, Emily Larkin, Thriving Youth Program Coordinator, Carrie Bernier, Executive Director The Community Fund of Darien.

Thriving Youth Initiative:

Promoting the healthy development of Darien's Youth

The Darien House Tour:  Homes with Heart is made possible by Ring's End 


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